Month: January 2013

The Mechanical Team

Welcome to the world of nuts, screws, and bolts. The world of the mechanical team. Here, we drill instead of file. We use allen wrenches instead of ball point pens. And we build robots instead of watching cat videos when we think the

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Class Visualizer

Download the current version of class visualizer zip file from and unzip it to [somewhere] Create a batch command file (e.g. clvis.cmd), save it somewhere on the path, and include cd %1 java -jar [somewhere]/class-visualizer/clsvis.jar %HOMEPATH%\sunspotfrcsdk\lib\squawk.jar %HOMEPATH%\sunspotfrcsdk\lib\networktables-crio.jar %HOMEPATH%\sunspotfrcsdk\lib\wpilibj.jar .\build\app.jar Change

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Updating the Netbeans FRC plugins

Uninstall all the original FRC Java plugins (you don’t need to update the Sketch plugin) Renamed the sunspotfrcsdk directory in the home directory to sunspotfrcsdk_old.  This will guarantee that all new libraries are installed in a new “sunspotfrcsdk” directory. In the NetBeans

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Tag a Mercurial project using TortoiseHg

Adding a tag to a revision in Mercurial is pretty easy at the command-line: 1 $ hg tag FOOBAR_TAG   However, if you are used to the TortoiseHg workflow, it is not obvious where to find the Add Tag option. To add a tag, open Repository Explorer, click on

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