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Nov. 26 FireBears Meeting

Today the FireBears worked vigorously as the weeks dwindle down, summoning the future start of the build season next year. The marketing subteam distributed surveys on the future of the FireBears Team Shirt. The electrical subteam organized through mountains of

we had a good day today!

we figured out what we were going to be doing for shirts and they are going to be awesome! everybody worked hard and we had fun!

Minnesota Robotics Invitational: Afterwards

After a very successful MRI tournament this past Saturday, The FireBears are moving forward, coming in 28th at the event. The winners of the tournament were: Team 2175 The Fighting Calculators from Woodbury Math & Science Academy (Alliance Captain) Team

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FireBears Fall week 4

Had a great meeting tonight. Almost a full team here. Beautiful weather. New safety glasses holder   Getting the robot ready for the MRI CAD Having fun   Joshua making sure the battery cart is ready for the MRI  

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FireBears Week 3 progress post

The Mechanical team fixed our robot’s shooter! This will allow us to participate more effectively in competitions