Category: Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

CAD is the team in charge of blue-printing our robot.

Calculating Drivetrain Speed

An important fact about your robot is the speed of the drivetrain.  Having said that, how do I calculate the speed of the drivetrain?  Fortunately there is an easy to use calculator called the JVN Calculator. You can find this

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Calculating Roller Chain Links

Roller chain is usually used in robots that we build for the FIRST Robotics Competition.  #35 roller chain is the standard chain pitch that we use on the FireBears.  It is strong.  It is also tolerant of minor misalignment issues.

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14 CAD tips from SolidWorks

Here is a scan of a SolidWorks document that has 14 tips for designing robots using CAD. CAD – 14 Tips to Design Robots The same tips are available here as video files: Enjoy!

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