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Winning the Minne Mini

“It was very interesting to see the cooperation among all the teams at the events during the finals” – Michael Mansouri, team captain “It was awesome” – Denise Lau, marketing mentor “At the Minne Mini, our team had a complete

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Marketing Case Study – Robotics Alley Conference and Expo

Hello everyone, I am Amy, the new marketing captain here on the FireBears. This is a new blog series I am going to be starting for our future marketing team as well as the marketing teams of other robotics teams

Rockin’ Robot

On a Friday in January after moving into our new location at the mall, our programming team figured out how to control last years robot with a guitar-shaped controller, known for its use in popular video games. After we learned

FireBears Halloween Party!

The FireBears took a night out from robotics and had fun with a Halloween Party!

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FireBears Fall week 4

Had a great meeting tonight. Almost a full team here. Beautiful weather. New safety glasses holder   Getting the robot ready for the MRI CAD Having fun   Joshua making sure the battery cart is ready for the MRI  

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