Category: Programming

Programming writes the code to make our robot function and move.

Firebears Programming 1.19.17

Arduino Programming

This Fall we’ll be using Arduino microcontrollers to teach programming and also to  cross-train with the electrical subteam.  Microcontrollers  are small computers that are well suited to  electrical hacking. We’ll be writing little Arduino programs in C++, which is similar to the Java programming language

Rockin’ Robot

On a Friday in January after moving into our new location at the mall, our programming team figured out how to control last years robot with a guitar-shaped controller, known for its use in popular video games. After we learned

Computer Benchmarks

Recently we worked on a Java benchmark program to measure the relative speeds of our computers.  The program finds prime numbers, and will print out how many milliseconds were required to find the millionth prime. We all have a good

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