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Since September, our marketing team has been subtitling videos on our YouTube channel to make our videos more accessible to the hard of hearing (like our head mentors) to make them easier for marketing people to know what they are about for editing, and with the hopes of translating the videos into Spanish for the large Spanish FIRST Community in the future. After watching videos by other FIRST robotics teams and even FIRST itself lacking subtitled YouTube Videos, and realizing how hard it was for us to subtitle videos, let alone smaller teams with vlogs, we realized that something massive needed to be done to make the FIRST YouTube community more accessible at large, which is why we are happy to announce the creation of the FireBears Subtitling Initiative.

What is the FSI?

The FireBears Subtitling Initiative is a project to get the FIRST YouTube community’s videos subtitled so that they are more accessible to the hearing impaired and non-english speaking FIRST participants.

How do I get involved?

You can do many things to get involved. You can subtitle videos on the list below. You can also join our Facebook group. You can also sync your team’s YouTube page with an Amara account so that other people in the FSI can subtitle it, remember to message our Twitter or Facebook Page with the link so that we can add it to the list though! You can also get involved by encouraging other teams to subtitle their videos and sync with Amara. If you can translate Spanish, you should also consider contacting Panteras about their Spanish Translating Initiative here.

How do I subtitle videos?

YouTube has a tutorial on the Creator Academy on how to subtitle videos on your own robotics team YouTube page.

Amara also has these tutorials. Basically what you are doing is you are either typing what you here, or translating what you hear or what is written into another language that you know, like Spanish. Generally speaking, you don’t want more than 1-2 lines of text on the screen at a time. Also remember to subtitle noises that you hear too!


What videos need to be captioned?

Here is a list of Amara pages of FIRST teams who need help subtitling and translating their videos to other languages. If you want to add your team to this list, message us on our Twitter or Facebook Page.

2846 FireBears


Are there any community events coming up?

None as of late. If you want to schedule a subtitling party in your city, create an event on our Facebook group!

2 comments on “FireBears Subtitling Initiative
  1. Question, is this still going on? Because Rockford Robotics will need it. As will the R²OC channel once I make it. The link to Rockford’s channel is: (Google is helpful when wanting to shorten URLs.)

    • Tom Lageson says:

      The student that put this together has graduated. No one else on the team knows anything about it.

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