2021 Minnesota Robotics Invitational

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2021 Minnesota Robotics Invitational!

October 16th, Roseville, MN

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The Minnesota Robotics Invitational (MRI) is an off-season FIRST Robotics Competition event, hosted in Roseville, MN. We have a real FIRST field, real FIRST electronics and a trained FTA to run the competition.

The mission of MRI is to host an enjoyable, high quality, and well-organized FIRST Robotics Competition event, bringing together teams from across the Minnesota FIRST community.

The MRI is a family-friendly event that is open for all of the public to attend. Competitors are invited to register by filling out an application to compete. The first 24 Minnesota teams with a paid registration for each day will be the competitors.


Roseville Area High School
1240 West County Road B2, Roseville, MN 55113


Please fill out this registration form. An email will be sent with additional instructions regarding payment of the $250 entry fee.

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    Friday, October 15, 2021

    3:00 PM Field setup begins

    Saturday, October 16, 2021

    7:00 AM Doors Open

    8:15 AM Drivers Meeting on the field

    8:30 AM Opening Ceremonies

    8:45 AM Matches Begin

    12:00 NOON Lunch Break

    3:15 PM Qualification Matches End / Alliance Selection

    3:45 PM Semi-Finals/Finals

    4:45 PM Closing Ceremonies

    7:00 PM Field is packed, event is over

    Covid-19 Plans

    • The best thing we can do to prevent the Covid-19 virus from entering the Minnesota Robotics Invitational is for each person to take personal responsibility starting at home.  We expect all people attending to follow the simple Daily Screening At Home checklist at their home before leaving for the competition.   If you can’t pass the screening, stay at home.  There will be other competitions in the future.
    • We expect every team attending to follow the simple Daily Screening at Home Checklist at their gathering point.  This should be done at a safe distance with each individual attending before they interact with the main group.  This will prevent the entire group from being contaminated.
    • At the competition, masks are required at all times for all individuals when inside a Roseville Area School building. Masks must be worn properly over the mouth and nose.
    • Hand Sanitizer will be available throughout the event.
    • There will be gaps between the pits.
    • Each team is expected to manage their pit as they need to with regards to the number of students/mentors in their pit at any point in time. We recognize that there are times you will need multiple people in the pit to fix/maintain your robot.
    • Practice social distancing as much as possible.
    • Each team should pick an area in the stands and use that area to keep the team together.
    • We follow the Roseville Area Schools Covid-19 policy.

      Rule Changes

      There will be some minor rules changes to the 2020 FRC game, FIRST Infinite Recharge.

      • Four teams will be on each alliance in the playoffs.
      • No extra backup teams are needed, since each alliance has its own backup. There is no requirement to play the backup team.
      • NO TIME OUTS! Since teams have a back-up, there are no time-outs in the finals.
      • Lower seeded alliance must declare robots first.
      • +5 pound weight allowance. All other first robot rules apply. Honor system.
      • For the purposes of training student drive team coaches, an experienced drive team coach will be allowed in the arena with a team’s drive team during a match.
      • Additional gameplay rule changes will be announced closer to the competition.


      Congratulations to 2019 MRI Scholarship Winners!

      $1000 scholarship sponsored by Power/mation:

      Nicole Cash from Team 2987, Rogue Robotics who attended Farmington High School.

      $500 scholarship sponsored by The Roseville Visitors Association:

      Poe Shi Hsi from Team 4229, Magnetech who attended Washington Technology Magnet School.

      $500 scholarship sponsored by The Roseville Visitors Association:

      August Thompson from Team 2177, The Robettes who attended Visitation School.

      Scholarship number and amounts will be updated as we get closer to the 2021 Minnesota Robotics Invitational. 

      Scholarships will be awarded to 2022 high school graduates that will be attending college in the fall of 2022. Scholarship applicants must be a member of a team registered for the 2021 Minnesota Robotics Invitational and must also be attending the MRI.

      2021 Scholarship Application:

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        College/University Attending:

        Expected Major:

        Years on FIRST Team:

        Primary Roles on Team:

        FRC Team Number:

        Primary Team Contact Name:

        Primary Team Contact Email Address:

        Please answer the following question:
        What impact has FIRST had on your high school experience and your future career plans?

        To stop the pesky software robots, please answer the question:

        Contact Us

        MRI questions or to volunteer: arden@firebears.org

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