We’re the FireBears, Team 2846. A FIRST Robotics Competition team out of Roseville Area High School.


The FireBears aim to reinforce education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to create a better future for everyone. Sanctioned by the national FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) organization, we work hard to show the importance of science and engineering through our creation of a robot and outreach to the wider community. Our goal for the future is to create a path for the young in hopes that they will begin to admire our heroes—the scientists, mathematicians, and engineers in our world.


The Roseville FireBears Team #2846 was founded in fall 2008 with 19 students and three mentors. Boston Scientific came forward to serve as the lead sponsor and provide a lead mentor. As the team began showcasing their work, the Roseville Robotics Team soon earned a reputation of success and quality.

– April 2009: 10,000 Lakes Regional, finalists
– August 2009: Minnesota State Fair Competition, 1st place
– November 2009: Twilight Star Mini Regional Competition, 1st place
– April 2010: 10,000 Lakes Regional, Dean’s List Finalist Sean Grogan
(top individual award); quarterfinalists
– November 2010: Twilight Mini Regional, 3rd place
– April 2011 : Dean’s List Finalist Ben Prather
– April 2012: Dean’s List Finalist Ben Wiggins; Imagery Award 
-April 2013: 10,000 Lakes – Semifinalists
-April 2014: 10,000 Lakes – Imagery Award
-April 2015: 10,000 Lakes – Industrial Design Award
-March 2015: Northern Lights – Semifinalists
-April 2015: 10,000 Lakes – Quarterfinalist
-2016 World Championships
-April 2016: 10,000 Lakes – Finalists
-2016 Industrial Safety Award
-2016 Team Spirit Award
-March 2016: Lake Superior – Imagery Award
-March 2018: Lake Superior – Imagery Award
-March 2018: Lake Superior – Finalists
-2018 Medtronic – Imagery Award
-2018 Medtronic – Finalists
-2018 World Championships
-2018 State Competition
-April 2019: 10,000 Lakes – Imagery Award

Our robotics team is split into five sub-teams. The mechanical team builds the body of the robot, creating the metal frame and structure of the robot, using mills, saws and power tools. The computer aided design team does the blueprints of the robot, designs the concept for the robot, and creates a computer model of it using SolidWorks. The programming team codes the brains of the robot using Java code. The electrical team does the veins of the robot, wiring up the electrical, and pneumatic components of the robot. The marketing team designs the uniform, does fundraising and does web and promotional materials for the robot. If you are going to Roseville Area High School and would like to join the robotics team, attend a meeting from 7-9pm on Tuesday in the Small Engine’s Room (D116).

If you’re a spectator who likes to watch robots, we participate in the State Fair Exposition in the Education Building, we also host the Minnesota Robotics Invitational, a fall off-season competition in the Roseville Area High School Lower Gym, we also go to the Minne Mini at Prior Lake High School, the Northern Lights Regional in Duluth, the 10,000 Lakes Regional at the University of Minnesota William’s Arena, and this year we will be going to the Gitchi Gummi Get Together in Duluth.

Robots are expensive. In order to continue to do the things that we do, we need donations and sponsorship. If you would like to learn more about sponsoring our robotics team, view the PDF here. Sponsors get their logos on t-shirts, and banners, and help support the next generation of STEM leaders.