Community Outreach

Building Community & Coalitions

No team exists in isolation. The more people who know about FIRST increase the number of others we can draw on for leadership and expertise. Increasing community engagement also lets others know what we do and increase the number of students seeking STEM opportunities like FIRST. The Firebears are always looking for ways to show the community what Robotics is all about.

Near-Peer Mentoring

We often mentor the FTC team located at our middle school. As well as mentor help for a First Lego League team in our area.

Outreach in our Community

The Firebears

Outreach in School

The FireBears participates in outreach events ranging from School Board Demos, Physics Class Demos, to Speech Class Presentations. The FireBears also focus a lot of their outreach on introducing incoming freshmen to robotics and FIRST. We demo at the RAHS Freshmen Pepfest, the RAHS Activity Fair, as well as Ready For Rahs.

Minnesota Invitational

The Minnesota Robotics Invitational (MRI) is an off-season FIRST Robotics Competition event, hosted in Roseville, MN. We have a real FIRST field, real FIRST electronics and a trained FTA to run the competition.

The mission of MRI is to host an enjoyable, high quality, and well-organized FIRST Robotics Competition event, bringing together teams from across the Minnesota FIRST community.