Emergency Winter Cleaning – 2015

As it is build season, we are finding ourselves increasingly tight on space. Because of this, we are selling some of the contents of our closet. If you want some of the things on this list, message us on our facebook page, or tweet us @firebears2846 to arrange to buy and pick up stuff at Roseville Area High School. This page will be updated with things we are selling. If you are a non-profit, or a team with philanthropic purposes for the stuff, we are willing to give you deals or free stuff if you can get us pictures of you using the stuff for good. This page will be updated

Old Logomotion Game Pieces – $1 Each

Old Rebound Rumble Basketballs – $2-$5 Each Depending on Quality

An Old Hewart Packard 2500 Scanner (No Cables, No Drivers) – $5

FireBears T-Shirts from Previous Years – $10 Each

Old Servers – $25 Each

Fancy Apple Aluminum Keyboard with broken A S D F and G keys – $1


Also, we are finding many things that are not ours. If you don’t claim your lost and found items by the end of the week, they will end up on the selling list above.

A Purple and Pink Striped Mathematics Textbook

A Logomotion Game Piece labeled “1986”

A Green Bay Packers Sweatshirt


Finally, if there is anything you think we have in our closets that you think we wouldn’t want and you think you would be willing to buy, and you have a price at which you would be willing to buy it from us (Alumni?), let us know.

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