Having Problems With Preverify ?

Sometimes, if you’re using Linux you’ll run into some weird problems trying to build & deploy robot code.  One problem that you can get is not being able to run preverify.  In the “sunspotfrcsdk” directory there’s a file under bin/ called “preverify.exe” ( If you don’t have it and you still have a problem with preverify – don’t worry, just go to step 2 ).  Naturally, on Linux one can’t run a “.exe” file unless they’re using wine – but don’t worry!  There’s no need to use wine.

Step 1 – Deleting the “.exe”:

Simply delete the “.exe” file since it’s perfectly worthless at this point.

Step 2 – Changing the properties:

Whether you are in you’re terminal or not, navigate to “platform-specific/linux-x86/” under “sunspotfrcsdk”.  There will be one file contained in this folder called “preverify”.

If you are in you’re file browser, then right click on the file and go down to “properties”.  Click on the permissions tab and click the check mark next to “Allow executing file as program”

If you are in a terminal, type “chmod +x preverify” and press return.

Step 3 – Copying the file:

If you’re in the file browser use ctrl-c to copy the file “sunspotfrcsdk/platform-specific/linux-x86/preverify” to “sunspotfrcsdk/bin/preverify”.  If you’re in the terminal go cd to “sunspotfrcsdk/” and type “cp platform-specific/linux-x86/preverify sunspotfrcsdk/bin/preverify”

Step 4 – Build again:

Try building your project again, and if it still doesn’t work e-mail me at [email protected] with a detailed description of what didn’t work, and I’ll update this page after we figure out what happened.