Java Programming Computer Setup

Note:  an updated version of this page is at:

FRC supports Eclipse to create programs and install them into the robot.  Eclipse is an integrated development environment for creating and organizing Java programs.  Most of Eclipse’s power comes from “plugins” which add functionality.

    1. If you have last year’s WPIlib software in your sunspotfrcsdk directory, do not delete it yet.  FIRST hasn’t yet released the 2015 code.  If you don’t have these robot libraries, talk to me about getting a copy.
    2. Install Java SE from .  Pick the latest “JDK” download.
    3. Download and install Git from
      For Windows machines, get TortoiseGit.
    4. Download and install the newest stable version of Processing from
    5. Download and install the Arduino IDE from
    6. Download and install “Eclipse ID for Java Developers ” version from .
    7. Start Eclipse.   From the Help menu select “Install new software”.
      1. Select “Add” and add a new repository named “Proclipsing” and the location:  Select all plugins and install.
      2. Set up Proclipsing
        Open the Prefences dialog (Window / Preferences) and select the “Proclipsing” item.  Set the “Processing Path” to be the location of your Processing application.

If you want, you can try loading in last year’s robot code.

  1. Sign up for a free personal GitHub account at:
    Keep it clean.   Give me your user name, and I can add you to the GitHub firebears group.
  2. In Eclipse, select File / Import.. / Git / Clone URI
  3. The repository URL is: . Enter your github username and password if you have one.