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Class Visualizer

Download the current version of class visualizer zip file from and unzip it to [somewhere] Create a batch command file (e.g. clvis.cmd), save it somewhere on the path, and include cd %1 java -jar [somewhere]/class-visualizer/clsvis.jar %HOMEPATH%\sunspotfrcsdk\lib\squawk.jar %HOMEPATH%\sunspotfrcsdk\lib\networktables-crio.jar %HOMEPATH%\sunspotfrcsdk\lib\wpilibj.jar .\build\app.jar Change [somewhere] to the actual install location. Run the application clvis [robot netbeans project folder]

Updating the Netbeans FRC plugins

Uninstall all the original FRC Java plugins (you don’t need to update the Sketch plugin) Renamed the sunspotfrcsdk directory in the home directory to sunspotfrcsdk_old.  This will guarantee that all new libraries are installed in a new “sunspotfrcsdk” directory. In the NetBeans plugin manager, change the update location for “FRC Java” to be Now re-install all the …

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Tag a Mercurial project using TortoiseHg

Adding a tag to a revision in Mercurial is pretty easy at the command-line: 1 $ hg tag FOOBAR_TAG   However, if you are used to the TortoiseHg workflow, it is not obvious where to find the Add Tag option. To add a tag, open Repository Explorer, click on the revision you wish to tag, right-click and choose the Add/Remove Tag option.