Thou Shalt Be Safe!

In FIRST Robotics, Safety is very important, but not necessarily obvious, this is what the FireBears Safety Book of Significance to an Almost Religious extent (but not affiliated with any particular religion or non-religion), a document updated with Safety Information for every year that we find things out. This is the February 7th, 2015 edition of the Safety Book of Significance. This safety information may not be up to date, so you should view the FIRST Safety page for more tips on being safe. and are also good resources.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe in the Roseville Area High School Small Engines Room

We meet in the Roseville Area High School Small Engines Room, which is special in a few specific ways in regards to safety. First of all, this space is not our space, and some of the stuff that we do could be dangerous if left in the Small Engines room, so we need to clean up after ourselves so that we don’t injure the people around us. We have two robotics closet, one by the art room and one by Mr. Tanner’s room. These spaces needs to be kept clean and organized as well. Because robotics is super cool, sometimes we get visitors, these visitors usually don’t have safety glasses on them so we need to be aware of them and get them proper protective equipment. We also enter the small engines room through the back entrance which can be dangerous if the person with the keys is late and it’s below freezing. If someone is waiting outside and the door is locked, please let them into your car if you have one. If you are locked out of the building, you should try the pottery room entrance next door. Never come to robotics in the winter without proper winter attire. For more information on Winter Safety, visit the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Page.

There is also the potential for serious injury in robotics. Because we are in a school, you need to dial 9-911 to get emergency services if you use a school phone. If you dial 911, please have them crosspatch back to 651-635-1664 so that the school knows that we’ve had an emergency. The designated staging area for emergency personnel as they arrive is the Front of the Building or at the Guard Shack. This could be problematic for us in an emergency because we are on the other side of the building, so you should tell emergency personnel where we are in the building. We are in the Small Engines Room, D116 and the schools address is 1240 West County Rd B2.

If a minor fire hazard occurs in the Small Engines room, there is a Fire Extinguisher on the Mechanical Tool chest and a Fire Extinguisher in the Small Engines Room these should be kept in a highly visible place. There are different types of Fire Extinguishers, so use the right extinguisher for the job. Class A Extinguishers are used for fires that involve wood, cloth and paper. Class B are used for flammable liquids such as gas and solvents. Class C is used for electrical fires. There should also be a Battery Acid Spill Kit in the Electrical Toolbox, however, this Battery Acid Spill Kit is not Alex Safety Captain Approved, and should be updated ASAP. This is a video on how to clean up a battery acid spill. This is a video on how to use a Fire Extinguisher. If there is a serious Fire Emergency, pull the fire alarm and exit the building through the nearest exit and meet up with the team in the soccer fields outside our room at least 300 feet from the building. The safety captain should then call 911 from a cell phone using the information above while Tom takes attendance using the team attendance and notes missing students. After the conclusion of a serious fire emergency, efforts will be made to contact families and get people rides home.

If the school ever evacuates when we are in session, we go to St. Chrisopher’s Church. If we need to evacuate and school is not in session and St. Christopher’s is not open, we will walk to the Roseville Library. If there is a bomb threat, do not touch the item in question and call 911 and evacuate immediately. If there is a Tornado, proceed to the designated Tornado Shelter Area and sit facing the wall with your head between your legs and keep quiet and calm. If there is a person that has a weapon or says that they have a weapon or is holding a person against their will, call 911 and follow lockdown procedures. Never confront an intruder with a weapon. Turn off lights, close windows and close and lock doors and cover windows if time permits. Tom will attendance of students and take not of extra students or missing students. Sit by the wall away from windows and doors near the interior walls. Keep students quiet so as to not attract attention. Do not leave the room until told to do so unless you are in imminent danger. If a threat approaches use Hide-Run-Fight if it would be the best decision. If a weapon is found, do not touch the weapon and isolate the area so that the police can check it.

If there is a serious injury, assess the scene and secure the area, direct unaffected persons to a secure location, call 911, assess the severity of injuries if the scene is safe if the scene is not safe, talk to the victim but wait for Emergency Responders. Stabilize the victim and give first aid yourself if possible and assist emergency responders when they arrive. There is a First Aid Tool kit on our Mechanical Tool box, there are also a few members of the robotics team who have their own personal First Aid Kit. If not, there are First Aid Bags Located in the Nurse’s Office, Activity Office, Media Center, A-Wing Offices, B-Wing Offices, East Science Wing Storage Area behind Schifsky’s room, Orchestra Office, and Kitchen, however these places will probably be locked.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At HarMar Mall

There are safety procedures specific to when we have a space at HarMar mall however they are usually specific to the space, this will be updated with general procedures for HarMar.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At Rosefest Parade

The Rosefest Parade is similar to the State Fair Competition and parade in which Dehydration is a major issue.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At State Fair Competition and Parade

The State Fair Competition and Parade have specific safety concerns like Dehydration, Sun Exposure, and People that we will write about when we get there.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At Outreach Events

Outreach events are usually less of a safety issue on our end and more of a safety issue on the end of the people who we are reaching out to. There are safety concerns for us when we are doing outreach however, like attendance and carpooling.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At the Minnesota Robotics Invitational

We run the Minnesota Robotics Invitational, and thus, we should develop our safety plan, as there are many safety things we could make available like school safety procedures, like heavy lifting, sharp objects and cleanliness for take down and clean up, as well as safety during the event and in the gym as well as gym specific safety.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At Cub Foods Bagging

Cub Foods Bagging is pretty safe, but watch out for paper cuts, harassment, and illness, we’ll write about it.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At Concessions and Stadium Clean Up

Concessions is the same as Cub Foods bagging, paper cuts, harassment and illness are safety concerns, but specific to concessions, sharp objects and burns are things to watch for. The stadium cleanup also has special safety concerns.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At the Minne Mini

The Minne Mini is an off-season competition. We’ll ask pit admin.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At the Kickoff

Kickoff has varying concerns about heavy lifting, carpooling, harassment and splinters, and you thought you would be safe…

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At Conventions and Robotics Community Events

Harassment, attendance and carpooling are really the only safety concerns at a convention (Minnesota Splash). Also, don’t Harass others!

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe when Selling Things (Chocolate)

Selling things has personal safety, theft, but also harassment.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At Pre-Ship

Pre-ship is the Pre-Ship Competition on the Saturday before Bag and Tag. I don’t know if there are any commonly known safety procedures but we will ask Pit Admin.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the Duluth Regional. Specific safety procedures at Northern Lights changes slightly from year to year. We will consult with pit admin for general safety.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe At 10,000 Lakes

10,000 Lakes is the U of M Regional. Specific safety procedures at 10,000 Lakes changes slightly from year to year. We will consult with pit admin for general safety.

  • Thou Shalt Be Safe in the Pit Area

Non-tinted (except for rose, blue and amber), non-reflective safety goggles are required in the pit area. Always use safety equipment and guidelines. If you are in the pits, make sure to not wear loose clothing, jewelry or anything that could be caught in a robot or a machine. Only 5 people should be in the pits at a time. People who are not working on the robot should not be in the pits. Inform all nearby workers of all power tool user and make sure everyone knows what you’re doing. If an accident should occur, report to the safety captain so that an accident report can be filled out. Make sure the pits are kept clean and the work area is kept neat and tidy. If you are unsure about anything, always ask for help, there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you have to think about whether or not you should do something, it’s usually not a good idea, so use common sense when working in a potentially hazardous environment. When moving the robot, make sure that everyone in the surrounding areas are aware of your robot. Encourage your peers to practice safe behavior, if they aren’t being safe then you aren’t safe. Encourage others to practice good safety and spread the knowledge of a safe pit. Keep full control of your robot at all times. Have a buddy at competitions that knows who you are and keep in contact to avoid getting lost. No children under the age of 12 are allowed in the pits without adult escort and supervision, make sure to watch your younger cousin. Absolutely no running in the pits! Keep the floors and walkways clean and tidy to avoid accidents and injuries, and keep the pit in an orderly organized manner. All tools and other supplies should be put away in their proper places. All batteries much be stored properly, also in case of a spill, keep a proper battery acid spill kit to clean up a spill. Gloves should be used when handling and lifting the robot or other heavy sharp objects to prevent cuts and scapes, they should also be used when doing any type of cutting work. Also when lifting the robot, make sure to communicate to helpers when you are lifting and use proper leg lifting, not your back, and always make sure to have help when lifting heavy objects. To use proper leg lifting always squat to lift, never bend at the waist. Keep your back straight while lifting and keep the weight as close to your body as possible. Keep your head up, if you must turn, turn with your feet, not your body. Put the load down while keeping your lower back straight, and keep your feet apart, staggered if possible. When lifting, always wear shoes with non-slip soles. Earplugs should be worn when working with or around loud power tools, and ALWAYS use mechanical safety guards and measures with power tools. If a power tool or machine is not working properly or is broken, especially in the machine shop, notify an authority and discontinue use of the power tool until it’s fixed. Don’t daisy chain or overload electrical outlets with too many plugs. Always behave with gracious professionalism at competitions.

  • Thou Shalt Protect Thyself from Harm

Proper clothing must be worn in order to avoid injury. Avoid wearing loose fit clothing which can be caught in moving machine parts. Wear you’re non-tinted safety glasses and other personal protective equipment. Tie back your hair and wear close-toed shoes. Don’t wear jewelry, neckties, chains, lanyards or sweater drawstrings in the pit area or work areas. Neckties and jewelry can NEVER be worn when working on machinery. Safety glasses must be worn at all times when using drills, grinders, hammers, chisels, compressed air or any other time work is being done. To prevent foot and toe injury, strong close-toed shoes should be worn and shoelaces should be tied. In loud environments, use earmuffs or earplugs to protect your ears and hearing. Remember to use proper safety equipment for specific tasks and tools, like welding masks for welding, and goggles at all times when working with chemicals.

Exhaust gases produced by gasoline engines contain carbon monoxide, which is a colorless odorless gas. Breathing in small amounts of carbon monoxide can cause drowsiness and headaches, and large amounts can cause death. Make sure that you are in a well ventilated shop or outdoors when starting up gas engines.

  • Thou Shalt Be Prepared for Catastrophe

You should be aware of various First Aid procedures

For cuts and scrapes clean with cool water, hold the wound under clean running water or pour clean water from a cup. Use a soft cloth to clean skin around wound. Try to keep soap out of the wound and use CLEANED tweezers to remove dirt and debris.

To stop bleeding apply firm easy pressure with a clean cloth or tissue. If blood soaks through cloth, don’t take it off. Put more cloth on top and continue pressure. If an arm or leg is bleeding, raise it above the heart to slow the bleeding. See a doctor if the wound is deep, the edges won’t stay together or edges are jagged.

To stop a nosebleed, sit down and lean slightly forward. If blood drains out of nose use thumb and index finger to squeeze together the soft part of nose. Hold until bleeding stops for at least 5 minutes. If it’s still bleeding, hold for 10 minutes straight and place an ice pack across the bridge of the nose. Don’t do anything to make it start up again, like bending over or blowing your nose.

If you have a broken tooth, rinse mouth with warm water, use cold compress on area to reduce swelling and see a dentist immediately. If you have a knocked out tooth, hold by crown and rinse off root in water. Do not scrub it or remove anything attached to it. If possibly, gently insert it and hold the tooth in it’s socket. If not possible, put the tooth in a cup of milk. Go to a dentist ASAP! Bring the tooth!

If someone is having a seizure, place the person on the floor in a safe area and remove any nearby objects. Loosen clothing around their head or neck and to not wedge their mouth open or place an object between their teeth. Do not restrain their movements. Once the seizure is over, roll them over to their sides. While the seizure is going on, time it. If the seizure lasts for more than 5 minutes, call 911.

For strains and sprains, use the PRICE rule

Protect the area from from further injury

Rest, do not use or bear weight

Ice the injured area

Compress the joint using a compression bandage

Elevate the injured area

For burns, determine the burn type first and then select the appropriate treatment. A first-degree burn is red, painful and turns white when pressed, for these you should use antibiotic ointment. A second-degree burn has blisters and painful skin which is red or splotchy, for these, soak in cool water for 15 minutes and cover with antibiotic or burn cream. A third-degree burn is white or the skin is charred, a hospital is required, call 911 immediately. Do not put butter, oil, ice, or ice water on a burn. You can get tetanus from a burn, so make sure to keep your tetanus vaccine up to date.

  • Thou Shalt Not Harm Others

Don’t make other people unsafe yo!

  • Thou Shalt Respect the Mental Health of Thyself and Others

People have their issues, don’t be a butt, Gracious Professionalism and get sleep <3

  • Thou Shalt Keep thy Workspaces Tidy

Floors should be kept free from oil and dirt, an oily floor can cause serious falls and injuries. Pick up all tools and store them in their proper places. Never store used rags in a close, rags filled with gas and oil can easily ignite. Put oily rags in an approved container for storing flammable waste. Especially keep the pits clean at competitions and make sure to clean up food and drink messes so that they don’t damage equipment or attract ants and other pests.

  • Thou Shalt Use Tools Correctly

Don’t be a Primitive Pete! Keep tools clean. Tools should only be used for the job they were designed for. When using a wrench always pull on them toward your body to avoid injury to knuckles. When using compressed air use safety glasses and check all connections before turning on compressed air. Never set down a compressed air hose without shutting it off.

  • Thou Shalt Be Aware of Thee Surroundings

Don’t text and robot!

  • Thy Fans Shalt Be Safe

Fan safety! Be safe fans! Young people should be accompanied by an old person. Glasses should be worn by fans too!

  • Drive Team Shalt Be Safe

Drive team has specific safety

  • Mechanical Shalt Be Safe

Here’s all the tools and how to use them correctly, if you don’t know, don’t do!

When using a drill press there are many rules you should follow. Keep the work area clean and always wear your safety glasses. Adjust the table to the proper height and make all clamps before the power is turned on. You should never wear loose clothing, loose sleeves, ties, and you should pull back long hair when using the drill press. Always select the proper RPM for the drill size and adjust the speed while the power is on. Always have a backer board on to of the table and always hold on or clamp your stock. Tighten the drill bit in the chuck securely. Remove the chuck key before turning on the power. Set the depth stop before the power is turned on. Always use a clamp when drilling with a spade bit. The larger the drill bit, the slower the RPM!

  • Electrical and Programming Shalt Be Safe

Don’t shock yourselves or destroy equipment. Also be safe around the bot!

  • Marketing and CAD Shalt Be Safe

Yo, you guys are the safest around except when you aren’t, be safe!

  • Mentors Shalt Be Safe

*Stares deep into the soul of the mentors*

  • Safety Captain Shalt Lead Thy Team to Safety

If you are throwing safety glasses at peoples eyes, you aren’t being very safe, be a safety captain safely, set a good example, and lead our team to safety! Also, don’t be safety captain if you won’t be at both events or if you are not planning on staying in the Pits.

  • Team Shall Lead FIRST to Safety

Help other teams be safe yo!

  • 2015 Team Member Injury and Incident Reports

1/27/2015, 9:30pm, Mechanical Closet, Amy from Marketing got a minor cut on her left hand middle finger on a sheet of polycarbonate sitting by the door. Amy then retrieved a band-aid from team captain Michael. To prevent future injury, closet should be kept clean and more time should be allocated to keeping closets clean.

2/6/2015, David

2/6/2015, Matt


2/7/2015, 12:00pm, Small Engines Room, Kaley from Marketing got a minor cut on her left ankle on a piece of sheet metal sitting by the sink. Kaley then washed the cut in the bathroom, and retrieved a band-aid from the first aid kit. To prevent future injury, work areas should be kept clean and team members kept alert.

2/7/2015, 12:30pm, Hallway Outside Small Engines Room, Amy from Marketing sprayed .5 Liters of Fanta Strawberry all over the Marketing Stuff and the Floor. Amy then started cleaning with paper towels and with the help of several team members and Greased Lightning Orange Blast cleaned the rest of the spill area. To prevent future incident food should be eaten away from team work areas and soda should be opened with caution.

  • MSDS Sheets, GHS SDS Sheets and Safety Documentation

“MSDS” stands for “Material Safety Data Sheet.” MSDS sheets provide basic safety information about products. They include ingredients in chemicals, safety measures in case of injury or fire, and other important information. To find MSDS sheets for particular products, you can contact the manufacturer by telephone or website. You can also search for the MSDS sheet for a particular product on the web. OSHA is phasing out the MSDS sheets for GHS Safety Data Sheets, however businesses aren’t yet aware of the changes as much, so we will be updating this section.

MSDS Robot Battery

Robot Battery Charts

MSDS Expo Markers

MSDS Coke Classic Beverage

MSDS Coke Zero

MSDS Windex

MSDS Greased Lightning Orange Blast

MSDS Glass Plus

MSDS Expo Dry Erase Cleaner

How to read a SDS Sheet