The Mechanical Team

Welcome to the world of nuts, screws, and bolts. The world of the mechanical team.

Here, we drill instead of file. We use allen wrenches instead of ball point pens. And we build robots instead of watching cat videos when we think the boss isn’t watching.

The mechanical team consists of Colin May, Alex Olsen, Sarah Rieck, Aja Shanley, John Crozzo, and adorable Rachel Statz the-freshman-in-college.

Every day at robotics, our team works hard to design, prototype, and finish our robot by the unconquerable deadline of six weeks. We cut metal, we measure over and over, and we stay late to make sure we are on schedule.

By the end of the season, we are zombies running on caffeine and sugar, but we are accomplished zombies nontheless.

Then we drag our dead selves up to Duluth to compete against other zombies in a bloody fight to the dea- wait, no, that’s a normal competition. Here in FIRST, we fight with “co-opertition” where we work with our enemies then turn around and knock their robots to the ground!

In a safe and friendly way, of course.

Then we congradulate them for working so well on their inferior robot, and go home and hibernate. When the next year comes, we rise from our graves bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Rinse and repeat.


3 Comments on “The Mechanical Team

  1. Nice job of writing up a short article. Is there a way to do an RSS feed so I know of updates to the site?

  2. It’s probably a setting in the admin section of WordPress. Or maybe a plugin that needs to be added.