Computer Benchmarks

Recently we worked on a Java benchmark program to measure the relative speeds of our computers.  The program finds prime numbers, and will print out how many milliseconds were required to find the millionth prime.

Computer ProcessorClock Speed GHzOperating SystemJava VersionMilliseconds
LaptopIntel I72.900Windows 7Hotspot 1.71,997
LaptopIntel I52.500Windows 7Hotspot 1.6 (64 Bit)2,418
LaptopCore 2 Duo2.000Mac OS 10.6.3Hotspot 1.66,817
NetbookAtom1.600Mac OS 10.6.3Hotspot 1.627,809
Raspberry PiARM0.700RaspbianOpen JDK 1.6337,430

We all have a good idea about how fast our personal computers are, but it’s less obvious how consumer machines compare to our robot’s cRIO processor or to external processors like the Raspberry Pi.

1 Comment on “Computer Benchmarks

  1. I added my results from running on my laptop. It’s the I5 laptop (2nd row).