FireBears are SemiFinalists at 10000 Lakes!

The Roseville FireBears competed at the 2013 10000 Lakes Regional this past weekend and were semi-finalists! Our alliance was captained by the Mechatronics (Team 3313) from Alexandria, MN. The other alliance member was Nordic Storm (Team 3018) from St. Peter, MN.

Qualification rounds saw us compile a record of 4 wins and 4 losses to finish 37th out of 63 teams. We had some wonderful matches and some matches where we struggled. As the competition progressed we were standing out more and more as an aggressively driven defensive robot capable of shutting down the opposing alliance’s top scoring robot.

During the alliance selection we were chosen by the Mechatronics and the Nordic Storm to provide defensive capabilities for the 2nd seeded alliance. The quarterfinal round saw us win 2 out of 3 to move on to the semifinals, where we eventually lost in 2 matches to the alliance that finished 2nd.

It was an exciting end to the 2013 10000 Lakes Regional and to the 2013 competition season for the Roseville FireBears.