The Parts: Atlas Precision Sheet Metal Solutions

FireBear Logo (A Bear Head incased in flames) as a hole in a piece of black powdercoated metal
Atlas Precision Sheet Metal ( did a fantastic job with our robot parts

The mechanical team had wide smiles when they finally got to set their eyes on the parts.

The parts, manufactured by our sponsor Atlas Precision Sheet Metal, were beautiful pieces of artfully crafted metal. “I almost cried, they were so awesome!” said Marketing Captain Amy. The best part of these parts wasn’t the beauty however, it was the timing. Atlas accelerated the production of our parts to make them available earlier in the Build Season. “I really appreciate that one of our sponsors Atlas was able to get us the materials earlier than we expected to help facilitate our building the robot in only six weeks.” said Head Mentor Mike.

With the parts here, and building humming along smoothly, the team is optimistic they will be able to do well at competition. “We’re determined and motivated to accomplish an awesome robot!” said Marketing Mentor Denise.