Winning the Minne Mini

Winning the Minne Mini

“It was very interesting to see the cooperation among all the teams at the events during the finals” – Michael Mansouri, team captain

“It was awesome” – Denise Lau, marketing mentor

“At the Minne Mini, our team had a complete reversal of fortunes, our team won all 11 of our matches” – Mike Bagstad, co-head mentor

“We won!” -Keith Rieck, programming mentor


On Saturday November 22nd at Prior Lake High School our robotics team the FireBears and their alliance partners won the Minne Mini. The FireBears picked the Data Bits (3883) and KING Tec (2169) as alliance partners and Cobalt Catalyst (3042) as backup, and drivers Michael, Jeron, Eric and Gavin carried the team to victory.  This alliance won all four of the finals matches, winning the tournament. In total, the FireBears won all eleven of their matches, and was the winning team out of the 36 teams who participated.

“Our drive team has been able to practice in a way that they never have before, at specific drive practices, but also at events like the Children’s Museum, and that combined with our familiarity with the robot has lead us to victory.” said Amy, marketing captain. She added “We’ve been with our robot all season, and by now, it’s our family, and I think that’s the real reason why we won.”

With kickoff fast approaching on January 3rd, and bag day on February 17th, the team is already rigorously planning for build season. “We’ve got a schedule hashed out, now we just need to make the magic happen.” said Amy